About Us
New Street Pictures was set up in 2012 in the UK with offices in Pinewood.
New Street Pictures is an independent film production company with a common goal of developing, producing, marketing and distributing a range of innovative, thought-provoking and entertaining projects, that will say something about the human condition.


The main business is film, TV and documentaries, in particular, those that are produced within budgets that will also cross over into the mainstream and be able to exploit all markets and formats.


The company was formed by Sutish K Sharma, after a successful career with the BBC and setting up a Film and Media company in West London.

The Directors of the Company have experience of working in films, television and radio, as well as running a business. We are confident that we can attract established artists, plus a creative talent based in the UK who are often overlooked.

We are currently developing a diverse slate of projects. This includes the love story 'When Rahul met Hannah', the coming of age in 'The Young and The Dead', a very British Christmas with 'Merry Xmas Everyone', and the tragedy of 'A Promise Given'.
Thursday the 19th. New Street Pictures.